Friday, June 25, 2010

This is The End of An Era

By Lauren-Olivia “Liv” Simister

In 2004, the End of an Era began in Toms River, New Jersey in a garage; where the band spent a year recording their first demo. By 2005, they had solidified their line-up, and taken the name, “End of an Era.”
In March 2010, the group, comprised of Jeff Wallace (vocals), Steven Blair (keyboard), Justin Mazyk (bass), and Jeff Spags (drums) were joined by Chris Matsinger as their new guitarist.
When asked if they ever still get stage-fright, Steven Blair says, “We don’t get nervous…It’s more of an adrenaline rush. We’ve all been performing on-stage with bands for, like, ten years, so any stage fright we once had, is gone, unless we’re playing in front of a massive, and I mean massive, crowd.”
They’re not picky when it comes to venues either! “Any place with a P.A. system, and an audience; be it an audience of four or forty thousand, is our favorite venue,” Steve laughs.
Their rehearsals can be described in one word: “Chaotic.” During rehearsals, End of an Era are geared towards specific shows, making sure each song is perfect, as well as going over new songs.
The way they behave on stage is not just a front though. Off-stage, the guys of End of an Era have been friends for a long time. “It’s not like we have sex with each other or anything like that. We’re very close; we love each other very much. It’s pretty much like having 4 girlfriends,” Steve says. “You live with each other, you see each other all the time, and you get on each other’s nerves. All in all, we have a common goal, a common mind-set, and at the end of the day, all shit aside, we’re focused on the common goal.”
While End of an Era are always up for a party, despite what many people believe, life on the road is not a non-stop party. “It might work if you’re as big as Mötley Crüe or KISS, but if you’re a band whose struggling to get gas from one venue to the next, it’s a little different. You actually have to think if you can afford food, let alone a beer!”
In End of an Era’s experience, they say, “If you can put up with ten years of boringness, then it’s [the music business is] for you!”
So what would they do if the music business weren’t for them? “We’d either be serial killers or dead,” Steve says chuckling. “I’m actually serious about that. Music is the centerpiece of our lives, and I think without it, we wouldn’t know what to do.”

You can check out End of an Era at, and follow the links to purchase their album, The War Against, also available on Itunes now.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The O>MATICS cross mediums!

NJ's own The O>MATICS cross mediums, from Rock and Roll to The Price Is Right (which re-aired today on CBS!) to the pages of Comics! Read this in depth editorial!
Tabling the Debate: Comics, The Cultural Mainstream, and the OMatics

July preview!

Can you believe it's almost July?! The Danny Says! zine has some big things coming your way with a better design (clearer pictures!) and major distribution at the Oceanport, NJ Warped Tour stop on July 18th! July will feature a new story on The Waffle Stompers who will be tearing it up all month at shows such as Catch 22 @ School of Rock, a ska fest in Garwood VFW, The Trocadero Mainstage, and at Warped Tour! See you in the circle pit!

Whale sighting the biggest news story of the week!

It's been a slow news week, and Channel 12 News in New Jersey has posted the latest internet sensation, video and pictures of a whale off of Pt. Pleasant, NJ. There's this pretty impressive image of the whale jumping only about 10 feet from a small speed boat, I certainly wouldn't be standing up in that thing with a whale splashing so close!
click here to check out more pics and a video!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

LIVE and IN PERSON! EVELYN EVELYN- the singing Siamese Twins!

Starting tonight at the Lucille Lortel Theatre in New York City and running until June 12th, you can catch the world famous conjoined twin sister act Evelyn Evelyn
"EVELYN and EVELYN NEVILLE are a songwriting duo performing original compositions on piano, ukulele, guitar and accordion. The sisters are parapagus tripus dibrachius twins, sharing three legs, two arms, three lungs, two hearts and a single liver.
Their unique musical style is inspired by their many eclectic influences - from 80's music to showtunes, Joy Division to the Andrews Sisters."
The show features special guests Amanda Palmer (of the Dresden Dolls) and Jason Webley who produced their full length self titled album. The album features many special guests including the much hyped about singing debut of Francis Bean Cobain (daughter of Kurt and Courtney), Weird Al Yankovic, Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance, Andrew W.K., Tegan and Sarah, and many more.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Paul McCartney honored by White House

"Sir" Paul McCartney (you know that guy from a little band called THE BEATLES) was honored with the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song. A gala concert event was held at the White House including appearances by Dave Grohl, Jack White, Elvis Costello, Stevie Wonder, Jersey's own Jonas Brothers, and more. The event will be aired on PBS on July 28th, but you can catch a little preview below featuring the above mentioned singing "Hey Jude" with none other than President Obama and The First Lady!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Get Heard Fest digital sampler out now!

Saturday June 12th is Get Heard Fest in Marlboro, NJ. There are over 40 bands playing including national and local acts. The whole premise of the festival is to expose some unknown acts along with some acts that you might already know. It's a concept that started with the "Get Heard" compilations which featured local bands alongside bands like Pepper, Halifax, Just Surrender, The Ready Set, Houston Calls, Karate High School, Crash Romeo, Jason Webley, and more. This is the 3rd Annual Get Heard Fest and now there is a digital sampler featuring the bands playing the fest including: Ian Walsh, Solfege Radio, The Waffle Stompers, Calamity Menagerie, and more
Get it HERE