Friday, March 26, 2010

April's issue coming this weekend!

The fourth issue of Danny Says! is coming out this weekend you can find it at the following venues:
3/26 Freehold VFW in Freehold, NJ
3/27 HHVFW in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ
3/28 The Court Tavern in New Brunswick, NJ

It will be appearing at many other shows during April as well as Vintage Vinyl in Fords, NJ with an estimated 1,000 issues being distributed for free! For a copy to be mailed send a self addressed/stamped envelope to:
Danny Says!
Box 912
Old Bridge, NJ 08857

The Kill Gene

The Kill Gene
By Lauren-Olivia “Liv” Simister

The Kill Gene is a group comprised of “five guys from Jersey.” With vocalist Dave Boland, guitarists Dave Kaminski and Dave “JD” Lisowski, bassist Josh Roman, and drummer George “Huzzy” Hazinikitas, The Kill Gene is trailblazing forward, releasing an EP next month, “From Tears Of Those Who Grieve,” which has been called a “must-have” of the year.

Liv: Where did the name, “The Kill Gene,” come from?

TKG: The name is a long story. We all wanted to come up with a better name from what we were using at the time. Josh was looking at different things about serial killers, and then we all pretty much started to as well. So we all decided that we come up with 5-10 names each. Then we all got together at Georges' house (where we practice) to settle on one. The way we went about it was to vote. So we went through 50 names or so until we hit The Kill Gene. The story behind is, basically it's a gene that certain scientists believe predisposes them to their behavior, hence The Kill Gene.

Liv: When did you guys get together, and how did The Kill Gene come about?

TKG: Well George and Dave K. were hanging out back in January 2009 and decided it was time to start a new band. After the forever process of trying to find a guitarist, bassist, and singer we started looking on Craigslist. We then found Dave L. from Freehold, NJ. He sent us some clips of what he does and we asked him to come on down! Then we found our old friend Josh who used to play guitar but wanted something new, so we threw a bass in his hands and BOOM! We had our bassist. So, The Kill Gene was almost complete. After about five different singers auditioning and not hearing what we were looking for, back to Craiglist it was... We then found an ad on there for Dave B. from Iselin, NJ. We had him come down for an audition and loved everything about it!! The final piece to The Kill Gene was found! This band went from almost strangers to a Brotherhood! So The Kill Gene officially started around July 2009.

Liv: How far would you say you guys have come since forming The Kill Gene? Are you in the same place goal-wise?

TKG: Since we came together, we have released a demo, have played roughly twenty-five shows, recorded our first E.P., and will be releasing it in less then a month. We've grown tremendously! Our song writing has become easier due to our styles finally coming together. We are all very different and I think it shows in our music. It’s not even a full year yet and we plan on going back into the studio to record a single by June. We don't think this band will ever be okay with just staying the same. We always try to push the envelope musically and lyrically. Our goals change every week, they just become bigger and harder to reach but then we just work harder and faster.

Liv: You have a new album coming out within the next month. What was the writing process like?

TKG: The writing process was probably the biggest wake up call since we started. We all, as individuals, found out a lot about ourselves and our band mates. It was a long process with some really early days and some really late ones as well. Only as we got more comfortable with each other's playing, did we start to incorporate more melodic, intricate idea, like in "Last Chance To Dance." But toward the end of it all we realized what we need to do for the next album to come. If it weren’t for Jeff Wallace of Entrolab Studios who engineered and produced our E.P., we would have been lost. His patience and love for music made the process as smooth as possible!!

Liv: Is there a song on the album that you love to play live, or is just a personal favorite?

Dave B: I love performing, "I Thought You Died Yesterday," it starts off soft and slow and then it hits you with heaviness. It gets me pumped up.

Josh: “I Thought You Died Yesterday” is the most fun to play live (personally). It has a lot of emotions that all get released at the very last breakdown and it gets pretty intense live. As far as a personal favorite in general, “Last Chance to Dance” is the song that really captures just how much we've grown as a band and gives you a little insight on where our music is headed.

Dave K: Personally, “I Thought You Died Yesterday” is my favorite to play live and just my favorite because it has soothing melodic riffs and brutal breakdowns!

George: All of them. I really can’t narrow it down. In every song, there’s parts that I just love.

Dave L: Well, “Last Chance To Dance” is my personal favorite. It mixes all of the things I love in music: harmony, beautiful instrumentation, brutal riffage, and breakdowns that can split skulls. But I like to play “I Thought You Died Yesterday” live, because the song speaks to the crowd and they go crazy for it. I guess the thought of a girl coming back from the dead interests them.

Liv: What’s your advice for people who want to form a band?

Dave K: If you’re going to form a band make sure your heart is in it until the end. And never take things too personal during the writing process, because people say things they don’t mean at that point pretty often!

Dave L: Find people that you vibe with on a musical and personal level. For all intents and purposes, this is a second family, so you have to trust the guys or girls in your band that have your back, because it's only you guys on stage for thirty minutes to one hour, there is no other safety net.

Josh: Go for it! Just have an open mind. It’s like a relationship. Communication and compromise are key. On the other hand, if you want to go anywhere with the band, you better have your heart invested or don't bother wasting your band-mates’ time.

Dave B: Do it! Making music is so much fun, and all the people you meet and the friends you make, rockin’ out in front of people, the ridiculous things that go on in the studio, it’s a blast!

George: Communication. If you don't have it you will go nowhere. It’s true, no BS. Also practice a lot.

Liv: Who influenced your sound?

Josh: Pretty much any one that has ever made music. We really do all have much different tastes in music and that’s what helps bring us together.

Dave K: My biggest influence is Parkway Drive. From the first moment I listened to them, I wanted to start playing guitar again.

Dave L: I'm usually laughed at for my influences, because I'm the oldest, I have a lot of tastes that date back to the 80's, Metallica, Poison, Motley Crue, but a lot of my playing style has come from As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage (especially), and bands like that, that crunchiness and just straight-up metal...also Chicago and Journey! Hahahah I love ‘em.

George: For me, it’s In Flames, As I lay Dying, Parkway Drive, Killswitch, Devil Wears Prada, and Poison The Well.

Dave B: I am a huge death-metal fan, but when it comes to The Kill Gene, Parkway Drive and As I Lay Dying were my main influences.

Liv: What is your favorite part about live-shows?

George: The crowd. The fans. And the PITS.

Dave L: I love the energy before the show - that feeling you get when you see a packed room with all eyes on you, they're looking for a great show and they're looking at you to give ‘em one...It's kind of a pressure, but more of a goal...I am determined to make every last person in that crowd fall in love with our band and make every hater pay for their words!!!

Dave B: Girls!!

Dave K: Playing live is cool in so many different ways. But the best is just being on stage and owning it! There is no better feeling then to have the crowd in awe!

Josh: The breakdowns and watching the crowd go nuts! Connecting with other bands is great as well. It helps open the doors to new things (venues, crowds, et cetera).

Liv: You’ve shared the stage with so many bands. Who would you like to perform with most?

Dave L: Easily Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, A Day To Remember, Parkway Drive...and possibly Journey if it was like a festival or something!

Josh: The list is huge! With any luck, we'll find our way on some festivals in the near future that will remedy that.

Dave B: I'm gonna have to say Parkway Drive. They're just awesome in so many ways.

George: Any One We Can!

Dave K: I would have to say Parkway Drive as my Number One, but As I Lay Dying is a very close Number Two.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Smash- the guitar that you're supposed to smash!

Out of Japan comes a guitar that is designed for you to smash. But hold on a minute, you have to sign a waiver as smashing this guitar you could be electrocuted or have small parts hurt you or other people. Also once it's smashed you can't just put it back together and smash it again. Once it's done, it's done but you can send parts back to the company that they can recycle so you can buy another one!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Rocksville Station- March

Here is a comic from Richard Alaya and Nick Clemente called "Rocksville Station".

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Statelman interview

So it has been almost a year since you guys have won the 10th annual battle of the bands.  What has been going on since then? Are you enjoying everything that has came along with winning or are there some days where you still feel that this isn’t real?
Tim: We can't believe it has already been a year since the 10th Annual Battle of the Bands! We have been working harder then ever, we recently signed with Danimal Records, relaunched our myspace, and recorded our new single “Back Against The Wall” with John Collura (former guitarist of The Ataris) and that’s just scratching the surface. We are grateful everyday, we have been able to play guest spots at other Jersey Shows Battle of the Bands, meet amazing people, and play at some really great venues. We have the 1st place certificate hanging up in our rehearsal space and it definitely still gives us chills, we hope that it will be our first of many great achievements as not only as individuals but together as a band.

Sean: This band has been together for a while and honestly we had never won anything. We had never even been ranked in a battle of the bands before. So for us to actually have one is still a little shocking to me.

Dan: Winning the battle and the things it has done for us have made the past few months the most exciting and promising of my life.
Anything exciting in the works? What do your fans have to look forward to in the next couple of months?  How do you feel about what you have planned?

Sean: After recording our first single, "Back Against the Wall," with Danimal Records, and touring constantly to support it, we're planning on recording another new song.  I'm really excited about the new one we're going to do.  It's got a lot of energy and I'm really happy with lyrics.  The whole thing came together really fast.  This year is going to be another busy one.  After we record this next single, we're getting going on finishing up our next EP.  I'm stoked to get going on putting out more music for fans to listen to. 

If there was one band that you would love to work with who would it be and why?

Sean: A band to work with?  I'd love to have Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead make some weird noises with us.  I'd love to play a show with Glassjaw or Fear Before. 

Meg: I would want to work with coheed & cambria and paramore, because the world needs two awesome red headed women on tour together.

Tim: Coheed and Cambria.

Dan: I’d love to work with The Scenic since they’re really good dudes and solid players.

You have been going on tour for the past couple of months, what do you have to say about that? What was the most exciting part of touring?

Dan: We’ve been able to play our music and interact with new fans more than was ever possible in the past. It’s been great to experience new things and check out new areas.

Meg: Tour probably been one of the best things we have done. Tour allows us to become closer as a group of friends and band mates.  It is great to be spreading the word about our music to kids all over, and meeting new bands. That is definitely the most exciting part of touring.  Our best tour experience so far has definitely been our trip to the Boston area where we played with Kiss Kiss and the Venetia Fair.  Both bands were awesome and fun to talk to and see perform.  We also met a lot of cool kids at these shows.  

Advice for new bands:

Sean: Practice constantly. If you’re anything like us, you’re probably going to suck for a while until you get the hang of it.

Meg: Never give up and stick to your guns, as cliche as it sounds.  If you believe in what you are doing keep doing it, and all the hard work will pay off.  Don't let small bumps in the road discourage you.