Friday, October 29, 2010

PUNK ROCK 101: Ska

By Skippy Rodman
What do you think of when you hear the word “skank?”
Most people probably think of a promiscuous
individual. Not me. I think of dancing at a ska show.
Ska has been pretty much dead for the most part of the
new millennium. It is evident in our local scene. You
can probably only count the number of local ska bands
on one hand.

A few weeks ago I attended a local show that
featured a ska band from Jersey. The band had great
energy, just like every ska band should. However, I
was disappointed. I looked at the crowd and most of
the fans were just standing around. I believe there
was one or two individuals attempting to “skank.” It
looked like just a bunch of bouncing around, though,
without any clear movement or rhythm. I came to the
conclusion that the local scene just doesn’t know how
to “skank.”

How can we get the scene to start “skankin” again?
First, go to a ska show. Even though our local scene
doesn’t have real ska shows anymore, they’re still out
there. A lot of amazing ska bands are still touring.
Go to the show and observe the crowd. You’ll be sure
to pick up a move or two. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
even has a member of the band who “skanks” all around
the stage. If you can’t get out to a ska show, go on
Youtube. You can learn everything on Youtube these
days and that includes how to “skank.” Finally, we
need to rebuild our ska scene so everyone has a chance
to actually practice these crazy moves. Every kid
playing in their high scho

Thursday, October 28, 2010

2010 Asbury Music Awards

The 2010 Asbury Music Awards have been announced and you'll find that none other than yours truly, Danny Wreck has been nominated for the "Top Journalist in Support Of Local Music" category. I'd like to thank the academy or whoever it was that nominated me! This is a huge honor as I'm only into my 10th month of this whole journalism in support of local music venture. I'd like to thank all of my contributers including Lauren "Liv" Simister, Skippy Rodman, Scurrow, the guys at Dynameecho, and Jersey Shows without whom this whole project would not be possible.
All Nominees can be read here:

Secret Secret Dino Club—Not a Secret Anymore!

By Lauren-Olivia “Liv” Simister

If you have them, you want to share them. But if you share them, you no longer have them. What is the object in question? (Psst…it’s a secret!)
Secret Secret Dino Club, a secret no more, thanks to tours with bands like Young & Divine, We Are The In Crowd, Allstar Weekend, and Thieves and Villains, is a band known for their unique sounds, and amazing stage-presence.
Hailing from Saratoga Springs, New York, SSDC has a bit of something for everyone (yes, even that weird guy in your apartment building), with an Indie/Pop-Rock/Hip-Hop sound, and catchy lyrics that beg every listener to sing along.
SSDC was formed by Jayce Kalinkewicz in 2006. It was formed when “I was conceived presumably in a hotel bed or a state college dorm room,” Jayce jokes. “It was actually the name of my under-bed studio when I was in college. I kept it as a band name for amusement.
“Although, now, I refer to it as just ‘Dino Club.’”
In 2009, after three years of independently recording three albums (Big Whoop Wanna Fight About It, Welcome To Dixieland, and Up To No Good) as well as four EPs (Fort Jayce Henry, Abraham Lincoln, Ho Ho Ho No!, and Super Fun Party Songs), SSDC signed with Drive-Thru Records. The first release was a split called “Chicken Finger Fingers” with Allstar Weekend.
In December 2009, SSDC released a two-song EP “Snow Buddies,” on Glamour Kills and Purevolume. Following later in 2010, the band released “Cinco,” a song-a-day project in which the band wrote, recorded, and released a song by sending the fans on an Internet scavenger-hunt.
“ No one talks to each other unless it’s over the Internet or on their mobile phones,” Jayce says. “I see so many tables of kids at dinner just sitting on their phones, not saying a word to each other.
“They are probably on the Internet listening to my band,” he jokes.
“Cinco is all about getting older, and less attractive…about being misunderstood in today’s scene.”
Despite getting older, Jayce still has his fun on tour. “Yesterday, I woke up in a stranger’s kitchen in the hood, and I actually had to use the location services on my phone to figure out where I was!”
Be sure to check out Jayce and the guys as Secret Secret Dino Club on tour, and in Marlboro, New Jersey on November 5th!
Don’t forget to head to SSDC’s Myspace (, and check out the latest EP “Cinco” now.