Friday, April 30, 2010

Danny Wreck's Bamboozle must see list!

The Bamboozle is going down May 1st and 2nd in East Rutherford, NJ. A ton of bands ranging from great to terrible are playing, here is my (Danny Wreck's) list of who to check out:
Saturday May 1st:
The Aquabats- The only good band any member of Blink 182 was ever involved in. Some silly new wave/ska!
The Ready Set- Electro pop that has gone from home DIY recordings to huge in a years time.
Four Year Strong- Ditto, these guys were playing halls just a few years ago, now they're post-HC headliners!
Sexy Heroes- Entertaining/energetic/funny pop punk
Sunday May 2nd:
Weezer- Whether you're a Pinkerton purist, fan of everything, or just know their singles, everybody loves at least one Weezer song!
OK GO- Their videos are the best out there and their live show? Awesome.
MGMT- This year's lineup isn't just for 14 year old girls anymore, they actually got some credible bands that will bring out the college kids.
Kevin Devine- As previously stated, this is some good indie (the genre).
Foxy Shazam- Imagine Queen meets r&b/soul, meets punk rock. The singer is completely out of his mind and will amaze you with his antics!
Say Anything- I wanted to hate this band, I wound up liking them!
Hey Monday- Featuring Mikey Mo who now goes by "Jersey" (ex Someday Never)
The Parlor Mob- You know how Weird Al Yankovic does original songs in the style of a band? Imagine that, but a band that's in the style of Led Zepplin. Back in the day these Jersey guys were What About Frank?

Danny Says! issue number 5 out this weekend!

You can pick up your free copy of Danny Says! this weekend at Bamboozle. They will be handed out at the Fat Rat Press Tent in their bag! This marks the first time the zine is a total of 12 pages (including the cover) and also the first time it was printed by a print shop with the staple in the side rather than hand done!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The O>MATICS celebrate a decade as a band

An article by Lauren-Olivia *Liv* Simister
Think back ten years ago. The first year of the 3rd millennium began, and pop music reigned supreme. In 2000, amidst all the pop-icons of the world, The O>MATICS emerged. Now, after many shows, laughs, and comic-strips, the band will celebrate their first decade together.
The band calls this first decade *ten years of rock n* roll fun.*
Having recently been on The Price Is Right (and winning), we can*t blame them!

So how does this band plan on celebrating their first decade together?
The O>MATICS: *We*re having a 10th anniversary show at the Loop Lounge in Passaic Park, NJ on May 7th, and we*re just hoping friends and fans who have gone to our shows over the past ten years come and celebrate with us. We also have a slew of shows within the next couple of months.*

Liv: What are some things you have to have or do before a show?
Chris O>MATIC (drums): Every time I*m driving to a venue, or the House O>matic, I have to listen to Appetite for Destruction by Guns N' Roses. We also all stretch before every show.
Liv: Do you ever crave a certain food or drink before or after a show?
Jamie (bass): I*m a vegan, so I like to eat a lot of lentils before I play, because they just give me a ton of energy.
Mark (vocals, guitar): Our dad (Mark and Chris*s) used to give us pasta, which is the reason I named one of our songs "Zitis and Meat Sauce".
Chris: I don*t eat much before a show, because I*m just too excited, but as soon as that show's over, I just go crazy.

Liv: Are there any bands you would love to do a concert with?
Mark: They Might Be Giants, definitely.
Jamie: Flaming Lips
Chris: Cake, they have such an original sound, and their dance party sound would mix well with our dance party sound.

Liv: What are some artists now that you are impressed with?
The O>MATICS: Kevin Devine. We played with him, and he was awesome. He started off in clubs, and now he*s headlining festivals. Just seeing how well he*s doing for himself and his progression just amazes us.

Their shows are known for getting the crowd pumped, but if you can*t manage to see them live, check out their website, especially the O>MATICS in Comic. Mark O>MATIC creates all the comics, and even made an O>MATICS comic book which you can order at

Ten years of rock n* roll gone by, and here*s to another ten! Don*t forget to celebrate the O>MATIC*s 10th year and catch them live this month!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pete Steele of Type O Negative has died

Brooklyn, New York's own Pete Steele of goth/metal band Type of Negative died last night April 14th of heart failure. They were best known for their single "Black No. 1" (the type of dye goths would use to color their hair) with the line "Loving you was like loving the dead". He will be mourned mostly by the people who were already mourning.