Thursday, April 22, 2010

The O>MATICS celebrate a decade as a band

An article by Lauren-Olivia *Liv* Simister
Think back ten years ago. The first year of the 3rd millennium began, and pop music reigned supreme. In 2000, amidst all the pop-icons of the world, The O>MATICS emerged. Now, after many shows, laughs, and comic-strips, the band will celebrate their first decade together.
The band calls this first decade *ten years of rock n* roll fun.*
Having recently been on The Price Is Right (and winning), we can*t blame them!

So how does this band plan on celebrating their first decade together?
The O>MATICS: *We*re having a 10th anniversary show at the Loop Lounge in Passaic Park, NJ on May 7th, and we*re just hoping friends and fans who have gone to our shows over the past ten years come and celebrate with us. We also have a slew of shows within the next couple of months.*

Liv: What are some things you have to have or do before a show?
Chris O>MATIC (drums): Every time I*m driving to a venue, or the House O>matic, I have to listen to Appetite for Destruction by Guns N' Roses. We also all stretch before every show.
Liv: Do you ever crave a certain food or drink before or after a show?
Jamie (bass): I*m a vegan, so I like to eat a lot of lentils before I play, because they just give me a ton of energy.
Mark (vocals, guitar): Our dad (Mark and Chris*s) used to give us pasta, which is the reason I named one of our songs "Zitis and Meat Sauce".
Chris: I don*t eat much before a show, because I*m just too excited, but as soon as that show's over, I just go crazy.

Liv: Are there any bands you would love to do a concert with?
Mark: They Might Be Giants, definitely.
Jamie: Flaming Lips
Chris: Cake, they have such an original sound, and their dance party sound would mix well with our dance party sound.

Liv: What are some artists now that you are impressed with?
The O>MATICS: Kevin Devine. We played with him, and he was awesome. He started off in clubs, and now he*s headlining festivals. Just seeing how well he*s doing for himself and his progression just amazes us.

Their shows are known for getting the crowd pumped, but if you can*t manage to see them live, check out their website, especially the O>MATICS in Comic. Mark O>MATIC creates all the comics, and even made an O>MATICS comic book which you can order at

Ten years of rock n* roll gone by, and here*s to another ten! Don*t forget to celebrate the O>MATIC*s 10th year and catch them live this month!

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