Friday, April 30, 2010

Danny Wreck's Bamboozle must see list!

The Bamboozle is going down May 1st and 2nd in East Rutherford, NJ. A ton of bands ranging from great to terrible are playing, here is my (Danny Wreck's) list of who to check out:
Saturday May 1st:
The Aquabats- The only good band any member of Blink 182 was ever involved in. Some silly new wave/ska!
The Ready Set- Electro pop that has gone from home DIY recordings to huge in a years time.
Four Year Strong- Ditto, these guys were playing halls just a few years ago, now they're post-HC headliners!
Sexy Heroes- Entertaining/energetic/funny pop punk
Sunday May 2nd:
Weezer- Whether you're a Pinkerton purist, fan of everything, or just know their singles, everybody loves at least one Weezer song!
OK GO- Their videos are the best out there and their live show? Awesome.
MGMT- This year's lineup isn't just for 14 year old girls anymore, they actually got some credible bands that will bring out the college kids.
Kevin Devine- As previously stated, this is some good indie (the genre).
Foxy Shazam- Imagine Queen meets r&b/soul, meets punk rock. The singer is completely out of his mind and will amaze you with his antics!
Say Anything- I wanted to hate this band, I wound up liking them!
Hey Monday- Featuring Mikey Mo who now goes by "Jersey" (ex Someday Never)
The Parlor Mob- You know how Weird Al Yankovic does original songs in the style of a band? Imagine that, but a band that's in the style of Led Zepplin. Back in the day these Jersey guys were What About Frank?

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