Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ian Walsh is Seeing Stars

By Lauren-Olivia "Liv" Simister

Ian Walsh, a singer/songwriter from New England, has proven that a sophomore album can be just as amazing as the first. 2008's notable, *Please Remember EP,* struck a chord with many listeners, debuting Ian Walsh as a rising star. Following the debut was 2009's "Seeing Stars" EP, which was released on September 25th.

Taking a leave of absence from Berkley College of Music, Ian Walsh is focused solely on his career and making a connection with his fans.
His music is known for having a powerful sense of raw emotion. When asked where he gets the creativity and energy to turn that emotion into such a collective group of songs, the singer says, "For my last two records, Seeing Stars and Please Remember, it has been a very natural process. I would sit at the piano or sit down with a guitar and I could translate anything I was feeling easily through music. These records were a great outlet during everyday life. But on the contrary to the music, I'm a very happy guy!"

Of his songwriting process, Ian claims, "Every song happens a different way for me. I could spend weeks reworking a tune and putting a lot of thought into it, or I could simply hear a song playing in my head while driving my car. For each song there is a very different way it came to be. I start most of my ballads by banging away on the piano and most of the rock tunes are written on a loud guitar or the drums. But I'm always looking for a new instrument and a new way to start writing songs."

When looking for a new instrument, Ian is loyal to the Fender brand. "I love Fender guitars and 65 amps. This may be a plug, but it's very true. Hauling instruments around from place to place, meeting fan after fan, and sitting through long drives is part of an ordinary working-day for a musician, but how does a musician balance their home-life and their career? This is the hardest part of being a musician. Unfortunately it is nearly impossible to have more than the life of a musician. Every day you spend doing other things can hurt you and harsh schedules find any way they can to ruin any life you have outside of your music life. You have to be born to do this."

Focusing on making connections with his fans, Ian Walsh has seen his fair share of crazy tour moments and fan-encounters.
"Every memory on tour seems like a crazy one, but the memory that comes to mind right now was a very drunken night in the parking lot of a venue in Kentucky. The whole tour package was partying and we somehow accidentally broke multiple windows and left a huge ruckus. Other things happened, but I'm not at liberty to discuss," he laughs. Ian is also keeping his lips sealed about crazy fan-encounters, saying he "won't call anyone out!"

Of his family, Ian Walsh claims they are quite musical, "Most of the music I make is with the assistance of my Dad, who could crush me on the guitar any day of the week."

When listening to Seeing Stars, Ian Walsh wants listeners, both long-time fans and first-time listeners, to come away realizing, "It was purposely made different from the rest. Most bands today just play the same song over and over again. I want people to take in a good vibe and realize that different is good (and that is NOT in any stretch of the imagination "pop-punk")."

Ian Walsh is playing June 12th at Get Heard Fest in Marlboro, NJ. For more information on Ian Walsh, go to myspace.com/ianwalsh or ian-walsh.com
His second EP, "Seeing Stars", is available now, along with a deluxe edition of "Please Remember".

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