Thursday, March 4, 2010

Statelman interview

So it has been almost a year since you guys have won the 10th annual battle of the bands.  What has been going on since then? Are you enjoying everything that has came along with winning or are there some days where you still feel that this isn’t real?
Tim: We can't believe it has already been a year since the 10th Annual Battle of the Bands! We have been working harder then ever, we recently signed with Danimal Records, relaunched our myspace, and recorded our new single “Back Against The Wall” with John Collura (former guitarist of The Ataris) and that’s just scratching the surface. We are grateful everyday, we have been able to play guest spots at other Jersey Shows Battle of the Bands, meet amazing people, and play at some really great venues. We have the 1st place certificate hanging up in our rehearsal space and it definitely still gives us chills, we hope that it will be our first of many great achievements as not only as individuals but together as a band.

Sean: This band has been together for a while and honestly we had never won anything. We had never even been ranked in a battle of the bands before. So for us to actually have one is still a little shocking to me.

Dan: Winning the battle and the things it has done for us have made the past few months the most exciting and promising of my life.
Anything exciting in the works? What do your fans have to look forward to in the next couple of months?  How do you feel about what you have planned?

Sean: After recording our first single, "Back Against the Wall," with Danimal Records, and touring constantly to support it, we're planning on recording another new song.  I'm really excited about the new one we're going to do.  It's got a lot of energy and I'm really happy with lyrics.  The whole thing came together really fast.  This year is going to be another busy one.  After we record this next single, we're getting going on finishing up our next EP.  I'm stoked to get going on putting out more music for fans to listen to. 

If there was one band that you would love to work with who would it be and why?

Sean: A band to work with?  I'd love to have Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead make some weird noises with us.  I'd love to play a show with Glassjaw or Fear Before. 

Meg: I would want to work with coheed & cambria and paramore, because the world needs two awesome red headed women on tour together.

Tim: Coheed and Cambria.

Dan: I’d love to work with The Scenic since they’re really good dudes and solid players.

You have been going on tour for the past couple of months, what do you have to say about that? What was the most exciting part of touring?

Dan: We’ve been able to play our music and interact with new fans more than was ever possible in the past. It’s been great to experience new things and check out new areas.

Meg: Tour probably been one of the best things we have done. Tour allows us to become closer as a group of friends and band mates.  It is great to be spreading the word about our music to kids all over, and meeting new bands. That is definitely the most exciting part of touring.  Our best tour experience so far has definitely been our trip to the Boston area where we played with Kiss Kiss and the Venetia Fair.  Both bands were awesome and fun to talk to and see perform.  We also met a lot of cool kids at these shows.  

Advice for new bands:

Sean: Practice constantly. If you’re anything like us, you’re probably going to suck for a while until you get the hang of it.

Meg: Never give up and stick to your guns, as cliche as it sounds.  If you believe in what you are doing keep doing it, and all the hard work will pay off.  Don't let small bumps in the road discourage you.

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