Friday, February 5, 2010

Warped Tour iPhone/iPod Touch App

ATTENTION NEW & RETURNING WARPED TOUR GOERS!! Are you always checking your Twitter for all things Warped related? Are you always on Are you absolutely stoked for this summer's lineup? Last question....are you an iPhone or iPod touch user?? Well Tiffany Mink has got some amazing news to share with YOU! Head on over to YouTube and check out her video!

WHAT! A WARPED TOUR APP?! FOR FREE?!?! The moment I found out I freaked! I'm an iPhone addict, so of course I was beyond stoked and downloaded it immediately.

Now, last year is when Twitter really took off. Bands, musicians, record companies, tours, fans, and so on all joined and had updates about whatever they needed to share with the world. During Warped Tour 2009, bands would tweet their set times, vendors would tweet when bands were signing at their tents, pit reporter Tiffany Mink would tweet outrageous contests, and so on. I actually bought an extra battery plugin for my iPhone so it wouldn't die during the day!

I looked through the app myself and the only thing I wish it had was Twitter updates from the bands playing (let me know if I missed it if that's available!). However, if you use Echofon, you can always make a separate Warped Tour "List" to separate those updates from friends and such. I'm not sure if other Twitter apps let you check specific lists, so check that out before making the switch!

Anyway, as you saw in the video, the app lets you plan out your own set list for your Warped Tour date. It won't load into the app, so you'll still need to grab a Warped set list or rush to the giant inflatable when you get in. Good news about this is you DON'T need the internet to use the set list! That way iPod touch users won't get jipped! However, in past years since there was no app, I would always grab a set list they were selling or handing out right inside the doors and figure out who I was seeing. On that sheet, I would also write down signing times and tents, so since the app probably won't let you do that, make sure you have a sharpie with you or just record them in the Notes app.

Besides all that, I'm super stoked about this app and can't wait to use it when the tour starts...even if it's several months away, haha. So if you have an iPhone or iPod touch, be sure to check this Warped Tour app out! IT'S FREE! Once you get it, make sure to spread the word!!!

PS. If you choose to bring your iPhone/iPod Touch to Warped Tour, remember to be careful with it in the pits!

Written by Stephanie Gomez []

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