Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Waffle Stompers' Stomping Grounds

With 3 EPs, 1st Place Jersey Shows
BOTB bragging rights, and several
tours behind them, New Brunswick, NJ
ska/punk band The Waffle Stompers
are all over the place. If you've
seen one of their energetic live
shows you'll know just why. We talked
with drummer Adam Kishbauch to find out a little about the stompers of waffles.

DS: I've seen your name all over for a long time now, how long have you guys been around?
Adam: I'm the most original member you'll find, it started as an idea when I was in 8th grade about 8 years ago. The current lineup you'll find now has been playing together for 5 years.

DS: In the early days you guys used to do costumed themed shows, what were some of the ones you did, and why did you stop?
Adam: Our very first show was for the Amnesty club at our high school, we decided to over-promote this band called "The Waffle Stompers" We blew everybody's expectations when we came out from behind the curtain dressed as the members of Kiss and covered "We're Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister. We love classic rock and punk rock, and we were trying to be ironic and stay away from anything typically associated with ska. For 20-25 shows after that we had a different theme for every show which included cops & robbers, superheroes, bikers, kung fu ninjas, and Mario characters. We even had props to go along, like for the Mario show we had a Question Mark block which when we broke it, was filled with candy. We found that doing these different themed shows with the costumes and props was very expensive. Now we rely more on our energy, we start off every show wearing green tuxedo jackets which eventually come off to reveal whatever we feel like wearing that day.

DS: You guys won first place in the 10th Annual Jersey Shows Battle of the Bands, what have you guys done so far with your winnings?
Adam: We won $5,000 cash and we thought that's all it would entail. Our original idea was to spend the money on recording a full length, but now we're working
with Jersey Shows performing all over the place and we're in talks with Danimal Records.

DS: Ska seems to be making a comeback, why do you think that is and how do you guys fit into that?
Adam: Ska music makes people happy. You can't hear music with horns and not feel happy even if you're Streetlight Manifesto and have depressing lyrics. People can
only be depressed for so long and they want something to believe in. We always wanted to be like the Suicide Machines, they were a punk band that ska kids like.
We want to be the ska band that plays punk music which is harmony, melody, and vocal based. We have two music majors in the band and would like to add complexity
to pop music. One of our favorite reviews was "The Waffle Stompers aren't paving any new ground, but they know that". It's the honest truth, we want people to say "When was the last time
you heard a ska band?" This was music that made us happy growing up and if you believe in something than you might as well give all you've got.

The Waffle Stompers are touring with The Real Deal from Canada (Stomp Records) from February 3rd until Saturday Febaruary 6th when they hit NJ at the Clinton Community Center in Clinton, NJ. On Saturday February 27th, they open for Big D & the Kids Table at Starland Ballroom. They are also hitting up the tri-state area all month for headlining and featured spots.

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