Monday, December 13, 2010

Anthony Green Announces Title for Second Solo Album

By Jenine Clancy

When Anthony Green's 2008 solo album " Avalon" debuted, fans and critics knew the Circa Survive frontman had reached a different point in his life. After a tumultuous relationship with his on-and off- again girlfriend Meredith, the two wed that year. Flash-forward two years later Green and his love have a baby, and now this week announced he will start recording his second solo album titled "Beautiful Things." Green has made note in the past that he is not qutting Circa. In fact after the 2010 release of "Blue Sky Noise," Green grew as a lyricist, tackling deeply personal issues, such as his wife losing a baby, not once, but twice.

In regards to his second solo album, Green gave us a preview earlier this year of things to come in an interview with The Aquarian:
"Yeah, I have all these songs ready to go, and they’re the coolest songs. There’s this one song that I’ve been working on just on this tour, and it’s all about just wanting to be around somebody so bad and not know why. It’s kind of like a beggar’s song, telling someone that they’re fucking crazy and they’re awesome to be around. I wrote a song about antidepressants called ‘I Love You When I’m On Pills,’ and it’s a work in progress. There’s a song that’s an apology to Meredith for cheating on her for so many years and being such a terrible partner."

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