Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Love Via Dance Machine

By Jenine Clancy

If J.J. Abrams were to pick a band to represent his obsession with time and space, New England’s Love Via Dance Machine might as well have gotten stuck on an island or come from a parallel universe. With lyrics like “I was thinking everything was fine, until I heard you were lost in time,” and “the futures wastin, only the few survive,” you wonder if these guys loved “Star Wars” growing up or simply wanted to understand time, hoping their current status as rock stars doesn’t end anytime soon.

The futuristic pop-punkers formation is in the eyes of the beholder. If you are already a fan of the band you have been through time as a “time traveler.” They say they are from the years 2050 and are saving humanity from “the modern day pop trash that relentlessly burrows itself into your ears on a daily basis.” If you are a bit of a skeptic, the back-story of lead singer Eric Grava and guitarist Alex Badanes bonding over tight pants and Saves The Day at Berklee college might be more believable.

After recording their EP “All Is Fair In Love And Dance" in April 09, they toured relentlessly, and this year released their latest single produced by Rob Freeman, former guitarist of Hidden in Plain View. When asked how it was working with him the band said: “working with Rob Freeman was awesome. Personally, we were huge fans of Hidden In Plain View and it was awesome to work with someone that wrote a lot of our favorite songs. He did a great job with the song and got it done real quick which was awesome.”

The boys also decided to put out a documentary, capturing life on the road: “We wanted to put out a video to represent what kind of guys we are and funny things we do when we are on tour. This documentary definitely will show some of our time travelers what we are really like outside of playing shows and it’s also got some great live footage. We are super proud of it.”

So what do these boys from the future have planned for the future? Expect a tour and a cameo on Fringe…well maybe no J.J. Abrams show, but a tour is planned to have you dancing all the way into 2050.

Love Via Dance Machine are playing on February 11th at the Marlboro Rec Center in Marlboro, NJ.

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