Friday, July 30, 2010

Solfege Radio: Tell Your Mom

By Lauren-Olivia “Liv” Simister
Many people dream of being traveling the country, especially when they’re fresh out of high school. For the guys of Solfege Radio, a band from Florham, New Jersey, that dream came true.
Starting out in January 2008, the band was comprised of long-time friends Marco Torriani (vocals) and brothers Jon (guitar) and Matt (drums) Stolpe. In July of 2008, Joey Nester (guitar/vocals), another childhood-friend, joined the trio. A year later, in August 2009, Donny Saraceno (bass) became the bass player for the band.
Though they hadn’t been together long, Solfege Radio won the preliminary rounds of the 9th Annual Jersey Shows Battle of the Bands, and began touring the east-coast non-stop for two years.
Still early on in their career, Solfege Radio has played shows like the Get Heard Fest in 2009, and the Monmouth Park Racetrack date of Warped Tour 2010. “Headlining the past year’s Get Heard Fest was pretty incredible. Not being from Central Jersey but more towards the North, we had an incredibly welcoming and responsive crowd. It made us remember why we love what we do. Playing this year’s Warped Tour was also an amazing experience. It's one of those things you dream about from the first time you walk on to one of those parking lots.”
When asked how they’re music has evolved since their formation, Jon Stolpe says, “Our music has definitely matured a lot since then, including our song writing and stage performance. With the help of John Collura and Paul Carabello (producers of our "Tell My Mom I'll Be Okay EP"), we've learned a lot about the art of "song writing" as well as the business.”
It’s hard to imagine there was a lot to teach the guys of Solfege Radio, especially considering they can’t remember not playing an instrument! “It’s hard to remember exactly when we all started playing. We all got into music at a very young age and have been with it ever since,” Jon claims.
High school, however, was a different story. “High school was lame,” Jon says. “The only thing I thought about was when our next show was. I gained absolutely nothing from high school except disgust for public education.”
Solfege Radio has stolen the hearts of fans all over, though it was no easy task. They’re known for working non-stop on promotion, making sure their shows are nothing short of spectacular (either go see them live, or look up a live performance via Youtube), and making sure they get to know their fans.
The songs on their recently released first EP, “Tell My Mom I’ll Be Okay,” are filled with the punk-pop energy the quintet are known for, as well as the catchy beats that will have concert-goers jumping like they’re at Warped all over again.
The EP’s title took on significant meaning to Solfege Radio, used almost as a declaration of self-confidence. “Sometimes it's really hard for parents to see through the insanity of what we're trying to do here. The amount of money, time, and effort that it takes doesn't seem quite worth it to a lot of people. ‘Tell My Mom I'll Be Okay,’ is homage to that pretty much. Not that our parents are unsupportive but maybe this will help keep them off our backs,” they laugh. “The name goes along with the idea that this is what we want to do no matter how crazy it might seem, and we won’t stop, ever.”
When listening to Tell My Mom I’ll Be Okay EP, Solfege Radio want you to come away with one thing: a smile.
Tell My Mom I’ll Be Okay EP is available now. Head to to order your copy now!

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