Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Waffle Stompers!

Post-ska band The Waffle Stompers have a busy summer ahead of them. Just this month they’re playing with Catch 22, a ska fest at the Garwood VFW, The Trocadero Theatre mainstage, and at the Oceanport, NJ stop at Warped Tour. We sat down with guitarist Ted Moore to find out a little more.

DS: New tour dates were posted on your myspace recently, What are you looking forward to most about this new tour?
Ted: We're really looking forward to getting back to places we've played before. It's cool to see the same friends again in other states each time we go out.

DS: I saw that you guys are playing with Catch 22, can you give us some information on that show?
Ted: Sure! It's at the School of Rock East in Hackensack, NJ. Sexy Heroes are also on the bill so it's sure to be a killer show. We're excited to play with another childhood idol... it's actually hard to believe. Also, we're on at 7 sharp so don't be late!

DS: How does it feel to see your band on the Warped Tour line-up this year?
Ted: It's absolutely incredible. Warped Tour has been a fantasy and a staple growing up-- the punk rock summer camp out. So many bands get launched from a stint on warped because there's so many listeners open to so much different music. This year our goal is to make a good enough impression to be invited to take our flying circus out of state on Warped in 2011.

DS: Who are you most excited to see on the Warped tour this year?
Ted: For me, it's Bring Me the Horizon. Bet you didn't see that coming, haha. Those dudes seriously make the most brutal music I've ever heard and their live show is completely nuts. I'm going to take bets on how many kids get carried out on stretchers during their set.

DS: Recently, you stopped performing the “Serious dance” as seen your music video at live shows, is there any chance you guys will incorporate it back into your set?
Ted: There's always a chance! We've even done it on request a few times. We love putting on a show and we love dancing but we're not looking to be a schtick band so we can't do it every time. If we do it, we do it, if not there's always next time ;-).

DS: Are there any new songs or recordings that fans can look forward to this summer or in the fall?
Ted: Hopefully! We're working tirelessly behind the scenes right now talking and negotiating. We're going to do a release soon, but it's too early to know when just yet. It's coming though.

DS: What is your advice for other ska bands who are trying to make it out into the scene?
Ted: Practice, practice, practice. Ska bands always have twice as many members as other bands, so it's SO important to be tight with one another. Then go on tour to get your recordings out to as many fans as you can in as many states as you can. Also, Pilots sell the best coffee anywhere on the highway.

DS: Is there anything you want to say to your fans?
Ted: Keep coming out to shows and supporting touring bands! It means the world to all of us band dudes. We'll have new music for you soon, and THAT'S A PROMISE. Love you guys.

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