Thursday, November 4, 2010

NJ Venue Spotlight: Crossroads

Typically while going to a show, you'll have to pre-game eating before the show or wait until after the show is over to hit up your local 24 hour diner (isn't Jersey great?!). At some shows you have the option of something like candy or if you're lucky pizza to hold you over. At Crossroads in Garwood, NJ you can not only see great shows, but also have a really good meal. The kitchen offers a variety of Cajun and American options which is limited to a smaller menu during shows, but still pretty decent none-the-less. My personal favorite that'd I'd recommend are the Thai Spring rolls, something that they normally have only during restaurant hours rather than during shows but will still make for you! Being that this is a restaurant, this is one of the few places that hosts all ages shows that still has the bar open for those over 21. This helps bridge the gap for older bands to perform for younger audiences and vice versa. The decor of Crossroads is like stepping into what I'd imagine a New Orleans pub to look like, completley decked out with saxaphones, alligators, and a sign that states the rule "No Spitting". The sound system at Crossroads is better than average and the stage while small compared to some other places has still managed to fit bands such as Outnumbered's 8 person ska lineup or Calamity Menagerie's 6 people and a xylophone (that sounds like a sequel to "Three Men and a Baby"). Crossroads is located at 78 North Ave. in Garwood, NJ. For a listing of all ages shows go to: For a listing of a variety of 21+ shows which includes cover bands, jazz, blues, open mics, DJs, karaoke, and comedy go to:

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