Wednesday, November 24, 2010

STATELMAN: Hittin’ The Road Quick

By Lauren-Olivia “Liv” Simister

When looking for the perfect concert (i.e. one that will get your heart pumping, and leave you with unruly hair that makes you smile), look no further than Statelman, a New Jersey based band notorious for giving one heck of a live performance.

Recently, Statelman have uploaded two new singles on their Myspace, which will be available in late December.

“The writing process for our songs was just putting ideas on the table, and we sat down and turned them into songs,” says Tim James (bass).
“I like songs that you can understand exactly what the person was thinking the moment they wrote the lyrics,” says Meg Diguilio (vocals). “That’s really what I try to do when I write.”

Statelman have also recently welcomed two new additions:Jon Stolpe (guitar) and Donny Saraceno (drums). “Having new members has brought us to a new level as a band overall. We are all on the same page, and the songs that we write and play together mean a lot to us and have a lot of emotion which only makes our stage presence even bigger,” says Tim.

With a reputation for giving a great, energetic show, Statelman describe their stage-presence as “in-your-face.” “We try to start off strong and give every second of the show our all, and we also do our best to get some crowd participation happening, without coming off as forced,” says Dan O’Connor (guitar/vox).

Throughout their extensive east-coast touring, Statelman have encountered many a fan, and they’re not keeping quiet about it! “One time, I caught a girl taking a picture of Dan. Not with Dan, but of him…and he was facing the opposite direction,” Donny laughs.

Despite being in a mostly-male scene, Meg, who started off playing guitar in the band, has transitioned wonderfully into the role of being the band’s front-lady. “Honestly, I just give every performance my all because that’s when I feel like people see past the whole girl-fronted band thing,” she states. “I just try to remind myself not to compare myself to anyone else out there either, because I want people to see me, not say I’m trying to be someone else.

“If you ask any of the guys, they’ll say I’m a dude just like them,” she laughs.

Keep an eye out for their new singles, “Hit The Road Quick,” and “Back Against The Wall,” available December 28th. Listen to the singles on

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