Thursday, March 10, 2011

Patent Pending

By Jenine Clancy

Patent Pending seem to have a love/hate relationship with the scene they are a part of. Putting out a DVD for “Not Alone,” the band busts out with the lyrics “if this punk rock scene don't be the death of me/ then let this east coast weather kill the rest of me/ cause if these tattoos on my skin don't mean a thing/ then let this beating in my chest cease to believe.” A typical pop punk band they are not. They might sound very poppy and melodic, but they have a very hedonistic attitude about life and the scene. They say on their Myspace that they “have in- your face energy and optimistic views on the American music scene and life in general.” They sing and scream “this beat is in my soul, take this beat and lose control, and in a syncopated rhythm sing “this is a song about the way you make me shake.” If you listen to “The Way You Make Me Shake,” you literally will want to dance for hours. Sure, they talk about missing girls and partying, but these guys don’t display any signs of slacking off.
The band toured vigorously on the Vans Warped Tour, eventually going on tour with national acts like Bowling For Soup, Cobra Starship and Gym Class Heroes. Their videos have been played on numerous outlets including MTV, Fuse and Much Music. The band has had two albums “Attack of the Awesome” (09) and their latest “I’m Not Alone.” Matty Lewis from Zebrahead even lent some of his talent to “Not Alone.” Plans for this spring include recording a new EP with producer Jordan Shmidt (All Time Low, Motion City Soundtrack, Sing It Loud), and a cross-country tour with Bowling for Soup.

Patent Pending are playing Friday March 11th at Marlboro Rec Center in Marlboro, NJ.

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